Feet... Hands... Everywhere it hurts...
Put an end to painful cracking...

Take the IncrediCream "30-day Healthy Skin" Challenge!

See a change in even the roughest skin in just 30 days
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Dear Friend,

Finally...you can put an end to your skin's uncomfortable dryness and painful cracking.

And do it all in 30 days!

We've just discovered a new skin care breakthrough that can soothe even the toughest skin, taking on just about any cause.

Dryness disappears. Peeling fades. Cracks become a thing of the past.

Heal your skin, quickly and naturally

It's called IncrediCream and it has the power to succeed where other lotions, creams, and ointments fail–making your skin look and feel better even when it's at its worst. This remarkable cream not only moisturizes but also promotes skin cell renewal and healing–so you can put those days of dry, itchy, irritated skin behind you.

IncrediCream's secret is Plantolin®, a powerful plant extract taken from Australia's native Centipeda cunninghami. Historically this plant has been used for chest infections, colds, fevers, allergies, and for skin inflammations, burns and wounds. No other plant packs its power!

And you won't find it anywhere else.



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With IncrediCream's natural ingredients, I bet you will actually feel a difference in your skin in just a few days – whether it's dry, sensitive...even if you have to deal with "diabetic feet!"

That's right: IncrediCream's safe and powerful ingredients work to soothe and comfort your rough and painful skin – just about any cause. You'll be amazed at just how smooth, soft, and supple your feet can become.

That's why I feel confident to say...

Give IncrediCream 30 days to give you back your skin,
or I'll give you your money back!

If it doesn't impress you with its one-of-a-kind healing power in 30 days just say the word and you'll get your money back. No questions, no hassles.

But the guarantee doesn't end there. It should only take 30 days (or even less!) for you to see a difference, but you have a full 60 days to try IncrediCream. You've got absolutely nothing to lose and the healthiest skin you've had in years to gain!

Order today!


Karen Reddel
Vice President, Northstar Nutritionals

P.S.- Remember, even though it should take only 30 days (or less!) to see the softest, smoothest, most supple skin you've had in years, you're getting a full 60 days to try the one-of a-kind effects of IncrediCream risk free. Don't wait. Order today!

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